[Linux-ha-dev] heartbeat-1.1.1 buglets

David Lee t.d.lee at durham.ac.uk
Fri Jun 27 03:48:41 MDT 2003

Trying to build heartbeat-1.1.1 on Redhat9, I encountered a couple of
minor bugs in lib/plugins/stonith.  (I also checked CVS, in case these
problems had already been fixed, but they don't seem to have been.)

1. In "lib/plugins/stonith/drac3_command.c", the symbol "CURLOPT_NOSIGNAL"
   is not defined.

   The RH9 rpms seems to be:
   and the curl.h header file has:
      $Id: curl.h,v 1.150 2002/06/12 21:40:59
   (note the date: 12 June 2002).

   The curl website:
   suggests that "CURLOPT_NOSIGNAL" is a more recent addition: 9 Aug 2002.

   The quick-hack workaround was a simple "#ifdef CURLOPT_NOSIGNAL" around
   the line in "lib/plugins/stonith/drac3_command.c".  Of course, the
   proper fix may probably require something more.

2. Still with that "drac3" (whatever it is!): the Makefile (Makefile.am)
   seems to require attention.  The link phase is looking for a
   system-provided "/usr/lib/libcurl.la".  Note the ".la".  There is no
   such thing, but there is a ".a".

   My libtool knowledge is miniscule.  But I have this gut feeling that
   the ".la" probably shouldn't be required for things "in the system",
   such as in "/usr/lib".  (For instance, only ".a" seems reasonable to
   *require* in the system; the presence of a ".la" would be added bonus.)

   My workaround was simply to comment out the lines:
      drac3_la_LIBADD = /usr/lib/libcurl.la
      drac3_la_DEPENDENCIES = /usr/lib/libcurl.la
   in the Makefile.

   Obviously this may not be a good proper solution, and perhaps a change
   from ".la" to ".a" or something similar may be better.  (And, of
   course, in "Makefile.am" not "Makefile".)

Hope that helps.


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