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Try `print("The discount is {}%".format(disc))`

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Hello everyone, & happy 2017.

  I'm a n00b to this list, & also to Python, although I'm reasonably
comfortable with shell scripting in bash, & I've played around a *little*
bit with Perl.  I'm currently working my way through a Kindle e-book on
Python, & I've smacked my head into an issue that (so far, at least) I
haven't been able to reason my way out of.  The original "assignment" was
to prompt the user for:

   an original price for an item,
   a discount percentage,
   and then to calculate the total price for the item once the discount (+
a static sales tax percentage) was factored in.

I took a couple of runs at how to lay out the math, but came up with the
following fairly quickly, which seems to work:

     TAX = 8.5

    initial = int(input("Please enter the item's price: "))
    disc = int(input("Please enter any applicable discount "))

    print ("Item price is ", initial )    # The 'initial' variable is
proven to be working correctly here
    print ("The discount is ", disc '%')  # Same for the 'disc' variable

    price = (initial * ((100 - disc) / 100) * (1 + (TAX / 100)))
    print ("Total price is ", price )

Now the overall program (as shown above) basically works as I
expected/intended.  I can enter an "original price", enter a discount
percentage, & get a "total price" that is consistent with the value that I
receive when I perform the same process with a calculator.  The issue is
*(essentially)* one of formatting.  In the second print line (the one
containing the 'disc' variable), what I *want* to do is to include a
literal 'percent sign' character (i.e., '%') in the output - but regardless
of how I try to quote or escape that character, I have yet to hit upon the
arcane combination that allows me to see the string

    The discount is 20% *(or whatever 'disc' value I enter)*

in the output.

I have worked my way through several web pages that attempt to explain the
function of the % character, from the "somewhat arcane"...


to the entertaining & informative...


but none have provided the "Ah-ha!" moment that I've hoped for.

I will happily admit that I've only barely gotten started with Python, so
the example shown in the 'stackoverflow.com' link above could be entirely
valid - but it's also essentially incomprehensible to me, so I need to ask
- is what I'm trying to do *possible* for me at my level of expertise, or
should I just "settle for" using a string like 'pct.' or 'percent' until I
understand the 'stackoverflow.com' page???  *(Personal note - I'm fairly
bullheaded/determined, so if there's ANY way to avoid it, I am *NOT* going
to accept a workaround if I don't have to...)*

Thank you in advance, I truly appreciate any efforts to "clear this up" for

(FWIW, I have a text file that shows the output of different things that
I've tried, but I don't yet have any idea whether or not it's
appropriate/accepted to include attachments to this list.  I am *more* than
happy to share it with anyone who's interested in looking at it.  Thanks

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