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Subject: [lug] Need a pythoneer, preferably passionate.
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SFS (me) wants to do a python programming study group, starting in April,
and I'm looking for a python prophet, a python psycho of proven prowess. A
person more interested in proselytizing than penny-pinching, in propagation
of proper principles than profligate ... um ... profiteering. (which is to
say that although this is a money gig, it won't be *much* money)

How 'bout you?

If you just want to participate in the study group, click here:

We will persistent, even peer-to-peer, if we can't purchase a professor.

Or join the SFS mailing list, where we're discussing the project:

(feel free to forward this feeler to a friend)

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This is a good time for a r3VOLution.
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