[FRPythoneers] NYC / remote Colorado Python/Java position ( copied from python.org jobs board )

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Thu May 30 10:42:31 MDT 2013

Currently the majority of the infrastructure is written in Python with
specific components being transmogrified into Java to meet throughput
needs.  Architect is a work in progress but the goal is for a service
oriented architecture.

Additionally, please no recruiters.

`Shareablee Inc. (Not an Agency) <http://www.shareablee.com>`__ (New
York, NY, USA)

**Job Description**:
We're looking for a backend developer who wants to make data dance.
We're helping big brands answer big questions and to do that we
collect and analyze lots of data. We are looking for someone who can
own pieces of our backend and build systems ready to be scaled.

* You've built a distributed systems to scale a service
* You believe in building incrementally and often
* You know Python well (obviously)
* You were made for a fast paced startup that does more in a day than
a big company can do in a month
* You are addicted to learning and trying new things
* Experience using tools like Hadoop, Storm, Celery, Redis, Postgres, and AWS

* Building distributed systems to collect and manage data
* Data analysis and batch processing
* Setting up distributed workers, queues, etc
* Optimization for better performance

**About the company**
Shareablee provides insights and benchmarks to big brands about their
social properties. We help quantify the best tactics for getting more
engagement from their audiences around the world by analyzing content,
the audience, and the overall impact. We look at data across many
properties to get information that's not available anywhere else.

**What Python is used for**
Python is used for the backend web application, distributed workers,
and for interfacing with 90% of the backend components listed above.
Python is also used for data analysis and automating batch jobs for
intensive calculations.

**Contact Info:**
* **Contact**: Alex Kehayias
* **E-mail contact**: alex+python at shareablee.com
* **Telecommuting OK**
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