[FRPythoneers] dev here looking for extra work

Mike Kramlich groglogic at gmail.com
Thu Jun 27 12:23:01 MDT 2013

I'm a software engineer looking to take on some extra work at the moment.

Programming since age 10. Hobby long before profession. Python/Linux/webdev
is my current focus and preferred ecosystem. Have been a senior software
engineer on staff at Orbitz/Cheaptickets for about 5 years in the past,
including stints in two core architecture teams working on the harder bits.
Can work with Java ecosystems as well as I did that in my day job for many
years in the past. Have designed and developed my own original software in
the past, as personal side projects, including a 14k LOC Rogue-like named
Dead by Zombie which actually made money. Recently wrote and published my
first book, a sci-fi comedy e-novel on Amazon titled The Dread Space Pirate
Richard. I'm a strong all-around programmer, wide variety of skills and
experience, could be considered 'full stack' and 'DevOps' and have played
those roles in the past.

Ideally looking for gigs that can be done remotely, or, meet/located in
Denver area, to minimize commute. I'm also a big fan of Getting Real as
soon/much as possible. Summary: I start delivering/demonstrating real and
relevant value to you right away (whatever that is, whether fixing bugs,
writing and delivering working code and systems, new tools, code reviews,
optimize, architecture, design, reqs gathering, tech lecture, training,
etc.) and in exchange I see money hit my account/hands. Generally speaking,
if you have a software stack/problem, and a budget, then I can help in some
way, possibly even starting today or this week.

Mike Kramlich
groglogic at gmail.com
skype: mike.kramlich
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