[FRPythoneers] Python for Science - Python training opportunity, Oct 15-18, 2013

Joe VanAndel vanandel at ucar.edu
Wed Jul 17 14:45:31 MDT 2013

4 day "virtual" class - webinar - $1200.

This course begins with an abbreviated primer on Python (language syntax, data structures, basic data processing, Python functions, modules and classes). The remainder of the course covers open source Python tools relevant to solving your day-to-day scientific and engineering programming problems. Specific topics examined include: array computation and mathematics with NumPy; statistics, linear algebra, optimization, interpolation, and advanced computation with SciPy; working with tabular data in Pandas to generate summary statistics and rolling window calculations; and using matplotlib to create 2-d and 3-d visualizations.

To interface with the rest of your libraries, we teach ways of wrapping C/C++ and/or Fortran code in Python, along with ways to compile Python for dramatically improved performance. We will also cover how to call Python functions from Excel, manipulate spreadsheets and documents using Python, and expose your Python code over the web.

Full description here

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