[FRPythoneers] Developer Available Here

Mike Kramlich groglogic at gmail.com
Thu Feb 7 01:54:24 MST 2013


I'm a software developer, Pythonista, and long-time member/lurker in
the group. I'm posting because I have some availability to take on
some extra paying work. Long time programmer, since childhood, with
both FT/staff experience and freelance/contracting. Wide variety of
platforms and problem domains. Once a senior software engineer at
Orbitz for 4+ years. Have also independently designed, developed and
sold my own Python-based Rogue-like game at http://DeadByZombie.com
Many other professional and hobby projects over the years, those two
are just easy to cite.
Live in Colorado, notherrn Front Range area. Ideally like to
telecommute or remotely deliver. But in-person/in-office is possible
too for the right fit.

http://synisma.com     <--- personal website and portfolio
http://synrotek.com    <--- contracting/consulting brand


Mike Kramlich
groglogic at gmail.com

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