[FRPythoneers] Python Jobs @ Catalyst in Denver

bek bekiefer at gmail.com
Wed Jun 13 10:06:30 MDT 2012

We are an ediscovery software platform.  We're based in Denver, but have offices in New York, Tokyo, and other places in the US.  Our core platform hosts around 500 million documents and is used by a number of companies to manage their litigation.

On the back end of the platform, we receive documents and have to move them through many tools that normalize them into a format that is useful for the platform.  We have a development group that builds loosely coupled utilities to help with various normalization tasks.  For some simple examples, we may need to remove blank pages from a PDF, or split a TIFF apart, or do language/encoding detection.  Some of these utilities are written in Python.  Some are hybrids with bash shell and some PHP to knit things together.   We're looking for people to join this development group.  You can work remotely.  You need to be good with consuming and building web services either through REST or things that look like REST.  Many of these utilities are wrappers for libraries or other command lines.  We are looking at a messaging service to help with integration.  Besides web services, you should know SQL, we use MySQL when appropriate and also MS SQL.  The platform is moving to XML, so having XML skills is also very useful.  You will get to write new utilities as well as work with existing utilities (and possibly rewrite some that are less efficient).

If you are interested, reach out to me through the list or directly at bekiefer at gmail.com

You can find out about the company at http://www.catalystsecure.com

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