[FRPythoneers] Python Django Developer

Kendra Alvarado kendra at remycorp.com
Wed Jul 25 11:11:50 MDT 2012

If you are interested in this opportunity please send me your resume and let me know the best time to call you.  I will call to discuss the details.

Do you happen to know anybody that would be interested in this position?
It is contract to hire.
You can work remote until September and then it’s onsite in Golden, Colorado

<http://twitter.com/EricHernandez21>Enhance existing applications to support client needs. This is server side development and will require strong programming skills with Django/Python.
Assist in troubleshooting and fixing production issues. This will require exceptional problem solving and communication skills. 

Actively participate in design and code reviews for projects being worked on by other members of the team. This will require strong communication and interpersonal skills. 

Ability to accurately identify problems, determine the best course for correction, and to successfully execute the decisions 

Successful design, implementation, deployment and maintenance of high-traffic, multi-server web farm 

Strong oral and written communications: ability to effectively communicate with both technical and non-technical people 

Mastery of programming fundamentals with fluency in several programming languages, including Django 

A high degree of initiative and the ability to work independently with little day-to-day supervision 

Organizational skills and great attention to detail
Experience with: Python, Django

Kind Regards,
Kendra Alvarado
Technical Recruiter
Toll Free: 877.377.6002 x345
Direct Line: (303) 539-0453
kendra at remycorp.com<mailto:kendra at remycorp.com>
[cid:image001.png at 01CD6A56.49FA6210]<http://www.linkedin.com/company/remycorporation>
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