[FRPythoneers] developer with some availability

Mike Kramlich groglogic at gmail.com
Wed Dec 5 16:26:35 MST 2012

I'm a long-time software developer and have some availability coming
up to take on some extra contract/freelance work.  So if you have any
paying projects I could help with, let me know. Prefer Colorado local
or telecommute, but willing to do paid travel if schedule fits.

Variety of skills and experience, but specialize in Python, Linux,
web, backend, and generally am best at any kind of hard/interesting
technical challenge, doing design/architecture and then producing a
lot of code quickly, from scratch. I can also parachute in and
troubleshoot some technical problem, and upgrade the performance or
scalability of your software or website, or do code reviews, or help
filter/rank technical applicants, or help with technical strategy.

More about me on my site:

Mike Kramlich
groglogic at gmail.com

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