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> Hey folks, long-time lurker on the FR Pythoneers meetup group 
> here.
> I have a python job I'd like to help advertise (It's a client 
> that I've had for a number of months that I need to transition 
> away from so I can dedicate full-time to my own startup) and I 
> wasn't sure what the procedure was for this group.
> The job is a freelance/contract gig (probably) for a neat 
> company called Fidatto. It's a Facebook application, backed by 
> a json API on the Google AppEngine. They're in the process of 
> hooking up an iOS frontend; I've been taking care of most of 
> the backend, and most of the Facebook stuff, and they have an 
> iOS developer doing the mobile work.
> The owner is a great client, and I'm pretty bummed to be giving 
> up the work, but I just don't have the kind of time they need 
> anymore.
> Please let me know how I should get this sent out to the group 
> (I see there's a mailing list... is that the way to go?) Or if 
> you can just forward this along. Anyone interested can contact 
> me at woodardj at gmail.com
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