[FRPythoneers] dispatching from a script

Josh Johnson josh_johnson at unc.edu
Fri Apr 15 14:44:09 MDT 2011

You may want to take a look at the Paste package, it won't do it for 
you, but it implements what you're asking, and also has some sort of 
plugin architecture that uses entry points (I think).

relevant source: http://svn.pythonpaste.org/Paste/Script/


On 04/15/2011 01:29 PM, Brent Pedersen wrote:
> hi, not sure if this list is the appropriate venue, but i'll ask anyway.
> so i have a python library and i want to have several scripts but keep
> them in the same name space.
> so i'll have "mymodule" that's importable from python and then i want
> to be able to have console scripts
> like:
> $ mymodule action_a --args files
> $ mymodule actoin_b --other_args other_files
> etc.
> i can do this manually with something like:
>   entry_points={
>        'console_scripts': ['mymodule = mymodule:main']
>        },
> in my setup.py, and dispatching from main() based on sys.argv[2], but then
> after implementing stuff like having
> $ mymodule
> give a list of available actions, it can get pretty tedious.
> are there idioms or modules in python that make this easier?
> i admit i haven't looked around too much.
> thanks for any pointers,
> -brent
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