[FRPythoneers] ideas for Django, and #people

Neal McBurnett neal at bcn.boulder.co.us
Fri Oct 22 10:13:49 MDT 2010

I've got an open source Django app I'd love help with.  And you can
help save the world for democracy :)


It started as an app to help the Boulder County Clerk audit the
election in 2008, managing the vote count data and working out the
statistics for a "risk limiting audit" - hand counting a sample of the
batches.  It made a pretty big splash (well, a big splash for the
election auditing world :) back then.  I've just started incorporating
the latest in statistics (using the kaplan-markov method for dealing
with discrepancies) so we can do an even better job on the 2010
election in a few weeks.

Over time I'd like to see it become lots more friendly for election
administrators, but am not very experienced with javascript, database
design, smooth opreation on windows, etc.

Anyone want to pitch in?  There are some blueprints for future work,
and a huge ToDo list (which I need to update ASAP....) on the
launchpad site.


Neal McBurnett                 http://neal.mcburnett.org/

On Fri, Oct 22, 2010 at 01:23:18AM -0600, Degutan White wrote:
> >From my notes last year, I counted 38 people (early in the day)
> For a Django app, here are some ideas:
> 1) use Matplot.lib to plot a moving 3month window over a year for a selected Stock against an exponentially moving averge
> -- be able to export a stacked .gif of 4 pictures that summarize the year
> 2)  for an entered url, count words, punctuation in the scraped url.   create profile of word frequency and ratio of punctuation.   (how do CNN and FOXNEWS differ in the word/punctuation profiles)
> 3) pull a county assessor's info for houses in an area and plot a heat map diagram of housing prices, or number of bedrooms, or rate of change in valuation.
> I'm not attached to these ideas, just thought I'd offer up some things to do.
> Cheers..
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