[FRPythoneers] are we still having an unconference?

Eric Reid reidek at gmail.com
Thu Oct 21 10:56:14 MDT 2010

> I'm going to throw out InspiringApps as a potential location again. I've
gotten approval to host, but our office may not be the best location. We've
got a decent size conference room, but the rest of the office is one big
open room. People could certainly grab a table to have small
presos/conversations. See

We're right on Pearl street in downtown Boulder, so we're close to food, and
such. Alternatively, if we could find someone to sponsor lunch, that would
be fine too.

We don't do any python here, but I've done it in past lives, and still do it
as a hobby. I'd be dependent on someone else to organize, get the word out,
etc. But the office is available if we want to use it.

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