[FRPythoneers] ANN: Intro+Intermediate Python course, SF, May 10-12

wesley chun wescpy at gmail.com
Wed Mar 31 16:20:46 MDT 2010

greetings FRPythoneers! just wanted to pass on that my next Python
course is happening this coming mid-May a short 2-hour flight away in
San Francisco (near SFO). more info in the description and the PDF
flyer below. send your friends and colleagues!!


(Comprehensive) Introduction to Python
Mon-Wed, 2010 May 10-12, 9am-5pm

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Need to get up-to-speed with Python as quickly as possible? Come join
me, Wesley Chun, author of Prentice-Hall's bestseller "Core Python
Programming," for a comprehensive intro course coming up this May in
beautiful Northern California! Please pass on this note to whomever
you think may be interested. I look forward to meeting you and your
colleagues! feel free to pass around the PDF flyer linked down below.

Although this course may appear to those new to Python, it is also
perfect for those who have tinkered with it and want to "fill in the
gaps" and/or want to get more in-depth formal training.  It combines
the best of both an introduction to the language as well as a "Python
Internals" training course.

We will immerse you in the world of Python in only a few days, showing
you more than just its syntax (which you don't really need a book to
learn, right?). Knowing more about how Python works under the covers,
including the relationship between data objects and memory management,
will make you a much more effective Python programmer coming out of
the gate. 3 hands-on labs each day will help hammer the concepts home.

Come find out why Google, Yahoo!, Disney, ILM/LucasFilm, VMware,
NASA, Ubuntu, YouTube, and Red Hat all use Python. Users supporting
or jumping to Plone, Zope, TurboGears, Pylons, Django, Google App
Engine, Jython, IronPython, and Mailman will also benefit!

PREVIEW 1: you will find (and can download) a video clip of a
class session recorded live to get an idea of my lecture style and
the interactive classroom environment at:


PREVIEW 2: Partnering with O'Reilly and Pearson, Safari Books
Online has asked me to deliver a 1-hour webcast last Spring called
"What is Python?". This was an online seminar based on a session
that I've delivered at numerous conferences in the past. It will give
you an idea of lecture style as well as an overview of the material
covered in the course.

download (reg req'd):
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WHERE: near the San Francisco Airport (SFO/San Bruno), CA, USA

WEB:   http://cyberwebconsulting.com

FLYER: http://starship.python.net/crew/wesc/flyerPP1may10.pdf

LOCALS: easy freeway (101/280/380) with lots of parking plus public
transit (BART and CalTrain) access via the San Bruno stations, easily
accessible from all parts of the Bay Area

VISITORS: free shuttle to/from the airport, free high-speed internet,
free breakfast and regular evening receptions; fully-equipped suites

See website for costs, venue info, and registration. There is a significant
discounts available for full-time students, secondary teachers, and others.

Hope to see you there!

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"Core Python Programming", Prentice Hall, (c)2007,2001
"Python Fundamentals", Prentice Hall, (c)2009

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