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Keith Schwols renegade_gourmet at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 12 16:10:51 MST 2010

Passing this along from my employer:

Intel has job openings (1 full-time + 1 college internship) at
the southwest corner of Longmont.
Current openings are programming jobs (low-level firmware) for
embedded systems using ARM and RTOS, including the associated ULT and
validation test activities.
Send resume to 
  Geoff.Gould*intel.com   by March 19.
****  Responsibilities
Firmware design, development and debug for high-performance
Solid State storage products.  Specific activities will include design,
implementation, and testing of NAND management algorithms and/or HVM test
algorithms. Candidate will work closely with the NAND Flash Systems Engineering
team and partner organizations in STG and IMFT to sustain high-volume products,
and to launch and ship next generation products. 
****  Qualifications
You must be able to demonstrate on the first day of employment
that you possess the right to work permanently in the USA.
You should possess a BS or MS degree in Computer Science and/or
Computer Engineering or related field. 
Additional qualifications include: 
  Strong software design and C/C++ development skills 
  Experience with object-oriented Python programming
  Behavioral skills include strong results
orientation, problem solving, written and verbal communication, and the ability
to work independently 
  Experience in or knowledge of high-performance
low-level system software development, embedded multitasking applications, and
embedded system tool chains and debug methodology 
  Knowledge of storage systems and concepts, storage
interfaces, flash management, BIOS/OROM, and storage drivers would be an added
  Experience in high-level languages and system
modeling, experience with ARM* or XScale* development and architecture, and/or
experience with Flash memory would be an added advantage .
  Occasional travel required.  Flex-time
available, to support teleconferences to 7pm Mountain time once per week.
This position is located in Longmont Colorado, 15 minutes northeast
of Boulder, and 35 minutes south of Loveland.
****  Qualifications
You must be pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer
Engineering or Computer Science or a related field. 
You must be able to demonstrate on the first day of employment
that you possess the right to work permanently in the USA.
You must have competency programming in Python for simple
You should have fluency in C and/or C++ programming language, and
an understanding of the fundamentals of RISC assembly language. 
Beneficial Additional Skills: 
- Experience programming for embedded systems with RTOS
- Knowledge of storage systems and concepts, storage device
drivers, or storage system interface protocols 
- Knowledge of data manipulation and memory-management algorithms
in flash memories
****  Responsibilities
You will assist the NAND Flash Systems Engineering team which
designs, implements, tests, and debugs firmware for solid-state storage
products, including solid-state drives. You will cooperate with other internal
departments and external companies to launch and ship near-term products, and
you will innovate improvements for future NAND Flash memory systems. Your
responsibilities may include (but not be limited to) developing embedded
firmware for low-level hardware, composing tests, analyzing test results, and
debugging software.
 If a cute saying or a pretty poster are all it takes to motivate you, you probably have a very easy job.  The kind robots will be doing soon.

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