[FRPythoneers] Python developer available

Michael Kramlich groglogic at gmail.com
Fri Apr 23 14:02:31 MDT 2010

Hi gang, my name is Mike Kramlich and I've been to a few of the  
meetings in the past. I do contracting and consulting in the Boulder/ 
Denver area, and wanted to throw my hat out there in case anyone is  
looking for additional software engineering help, preferrably  
involving Python, Linux and the web. Can also sling Java if you insist  
on curly braces, type declarations and semi-colons. :)

I'm the author of a pure Python Rogue-like (http://DeadByZombie.com),  
in a past cubicle-based life was a Senior Engineer at Orbitz, have  
lots of code projects online and several iPhone apps in the store.

More info here:

email if interested in chatting further


Mike Kramlich
groglogic at gmail.com

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