[FRPythoneers] Denver/Boulder Unconference

Zooko Wilcox-O'Hearn zooko at zooko.com
Tue Oct 13 10:47:35 MDT 2009

concurrency: pre-emptive multithreading (threads and locks), event- 
based/actors (e.g. Twisted, Kamaelia?), cooperative multithreading  
(stackless? greenlets?), pyprocessing; That was a good session.  :-)

I saw RunSnakeRun in action and learned how to run it on my own  


On Monday,2009-10-12, at 8:45 , Greg Holling wrote:

> About 40 people.  Here are the topics I can think of off the top of my
> head.  Other people on the list can fill in more specifics:
> Intro to Python
> ctypes
> Python extensions
> matplotlib
> Web development frameworks, including Django
> Database access
> ...plus lots of interesting hallway conversations.

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