[FRPythoneers] Hubert Smits next Monday Sept 8 "Scaling Agile: A Planning Framework"

Alex Viggio aviggio at bivio.biz
Wed Sep 3 19:27:27 MDT 2008

Agile Denver will meet early this month on this coming Monday, September 
8th. Our special guest speaker is Hubert Smits from Rally Software.

Experience gathered during large scale implementation of agile concepts 
in software development projects learns that the currently popular agile 
software development methods (like Scrum) do not scale to program, 
product and organization level without change.

The fundamentals for changes to these methods are found in Lean 
principles. The future of agile methods is found in its origins.

This presentation describes a planning framework that has been used 
successfully in large scale agile projects and investigates the impact 
of introducing this framework on three core Lean principles: Muri, Mura 
and Muda (load, flow and waste).

As always, our monthly meetings are free to attend and open to local
software professionals, students and faculty. Feel free to pass this
announcement along to your colleagues.


5:00 - 6:15 PM  Refreshments, networking and announcements
6:15 - 7:45 PM  Hubert Smits Presentation


Hubert Smits is a coach and trainer for Rally Software in Boulder, CO.
He is working with teams, product managers, project managers and the
leaders in the organization during their journey from waterfall and
command-and-control to agile, lean, and servant-leadership. Hubert’s
home is Scrum, which framework he uses as a tool to introduce agile
concepts to the various roles in an organization.

He teaches and coaches executives in their new role as a servant leader, 
or teaches product management teams to work with concepts like a product 
backlog and user stories. With teams and their project leads he uses the 
Scrum framework to validate the roles in their teams, the practices they 
use in the projects, and the metrics which help them and the people in 
their environment to keep an eye on the progress they are making, (and
explores what to do if that progress differs from the predicted progress).

Hubert works mainly with large, often globally distributed 
organizations, and visit teams all over the world.


The September 2008 meeting sponsor is Rally Software. Rally helps
organizations perfect the art of software development through Agile and
Lean practices. Agile development practices are quickly becoming a
mainstream approach to software development because they shorten
development cycles, minimize risk and help better prioritize features
and customer requests. In fact, in a recent third-party study, Rally
customer BMC Software was proven to have development cycles that were
nearly three times faster than the industry average and one quarter the
expected number of defects with double the team size.

We are looking for a new on campus sponsor as our old sponsor is not 
currently active. Any active tri-institutional (MSCD, UCD, or CCD) club 
can be our sponsor to help us schedule Tivoli rooms for future meetings.


The meeting will be held in the Tivoli Student Union (TV) building, in
Room 261 (the spacious Multicultural Lounge).

The Tivoli is located on the Auraria Campus, within walking distance of
Downtown Denver via Larimer Street crossing Speer. You can reach the
campus from the I-25 south Colfax or Speer exits.

Please review or print out their 2008 parking map for reference:


Parking on site costs $4.50 to attendees of our event and there should
be ample parking available in the Tivoli lots off of Auraria Parkway and 
Ninth Street.

A G I L E  D E N V E R

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