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Chris Perkins chris at percious.com
Wed Mar 12 09:58:55 MDT 2008

Just wanted to let everyone know what was going on in the TurboGears camp.
Our organization has applied to the Google Summer of Code.  We have a number
of compelling projects which should really move the world of web-frameworks
forward.  Our own Jim Baker and myself are going to mentor, along with a
number of other TurboGears developers across the globe.  If you are and
experienced python programmer who is interested in mentoring, please drop me
a line at chris at percious.com or go ahead and add yourself into the wiki.  If
you are a student, here is a great opportunity to get involved in the open
source community!  Feel free to provide your TurboGears proposal.  If you
like, you can always run your ideas by the TG crew before submitting.
Although our application is pending, if we do not get accepted as our own
organization, we will most likely attach our project ideas to the PSF
application.  So, either way we are pretty certain to have projects
available for students to work on.

If you are a student who is interested in one of our projects, and for
whatever reason that project does not get funded, you are of course still
welcome to work on it, and I for one would still mentor a "free" project,
and I am certain the other mentors would as well.  While you may not get
payed monetarily for your work, I think you will find that your work will
pay dividends in terms of exposure which leads to employment opportunities.

Here is some more information:

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