[FRPythoneers] Hi Folks -- Anyone interested in a Pyglet presentation?

Casey Duncan casey at pandora.com
Mon Jul 14 23:54:33 MDT 2008

On Jul 14, 2008, at 11:28 PM, Paul Hummer wrote:

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>> Just wanted to say hello. I'm glad to be back in the area and I
>> plan to come to the meeting this week. I wanted to offer myself as
>> a possible presenter for a future meeting. I've been doing some
>> coding with pyglet lately and I have a presentation I gave in San
>> Francisco about using it with OpenGL for graphics and games.
> Wow, what a coincidence.  I happen to be packaging pyglet for
> Debian/Ubuntu as we speak, and will move on to packaging Bruce after
> that.  I'd like to see a presentation on it.
> The thing I like about pyglet over pygame or others is that it
> requires no compiling.  It works out of the box using ctypes.  It's
> not the fastest (obviously), but for something as cool as Bruce, it
> works out really well.

Yeah, the lack of compilation is very nice indeed. Ironically, I'm  
using pyglet because of it's potential performance advantage over  
pygame/SDL. Leveraging OpenGL features like vertex arrays, display  
lists and shaders can give excellent performance even with no C code  
at all because you can leverage the tremendous power of our current  
graphics cards. Granted you can do much the same thing with pygame/ 
PyOpenGL, but I find the one-stop-shopping and ease of installation of  
pyglet a big-win over it, and it's fun to watch it evolve.


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