[FRPythoneers] Sprint this Saturday? Web page updated.

Jim Baker jbaker at zyasoft.com
Thu Jan 3 12:29:36 MST 2008

On Jan 3, 2008 10:08 AM, Philip Cooper <philip.cooper at openvest.com> wrote:

> Jim Baker wrote:
> ...
> > ... we're planning a sprint for the weekend
> > of Jan 12-13 in the bivio offices. It will be on TurboGears,
> Count me in


> > I'm planning to work on TG2, specifically Genshi
> > on Jython.
> That would be cool.  Every time I've looked at a python module for
> possible jython use, logging is the first missing piece.  Is there
> already a dropin replacement e.g. a log4j wrapper or something?

The logging module is there in Jython trunk (but not 2.2, since this
was introduced
in Python 2.3 <http://docs.python.org/lib/module-logging.html>); I don't
know if it wraps log4j. Not all tests currently pass, probably due to
dependencies on locale and socket. But it's usable in a basic fashion now.
Of course, you have to run against trunk, but this is quite stable due to
regression testing.

> > They say it's not possible, it's only for CPython ;). So we
> > will see, but if we factor out the nonportable stuff,
> Genshi will use a lot of iterators and streams.  Probably not worth
> factoring out as these should be coming to jython (or is it in a branch?)

In trunk, or possibly in the modern branch. So the iterators and generators
stuff in Genshi should be quite doable on Jython, speaking as someone who
enjoys that approach ;). I'm looking at this with respect to our active
Jython 2.5 work, which the current trunk is a 2.3+ subset of; my modern
branch only needed to add tee and groupby to itertools, for example to get
to 2.5 on that module (minus support for __copy__ in tee, I'll work on that
optimization later). So we should be close to what Genshi needs. And if we
need 2.5 language support, we also have that too, with the newcompiler

- Jim

Jim Baker
jbaker at zyasoft.com
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