[FRPythoneers] Sprint this Saturday? Web page updated.

Philip Cooper philip.cooper at openvest.com
Thu Jan 3 10:08:48 MST 2008

Jim Baker wrote:
> Neal,
> Thanks for doing this! 


> ... we're planning a sprint for the weekend 
> of Jan 12-13 in the bivio offices. It will be on TurboGears,

Count me in

> This would be an excellent opportunity to learn the TG internals with 
> your fellow sprinters! 

I've worked both TG and pylons sites.  I can help with the TG-Identitiy 
to pylons-authkit-beaker transition since I have my own code up and 
running (including openid)

> I'm planning to work on TG2, specifically Genshi 
> on Jython. 

That would be cool.  Every time I've looked at a python module for 
possible jython use, logging is the first missing piece.  Is there 
already a dropin replacement e.g. a log4j wrapper or something?

> They say it's not possible, it's only for CPython ;). So we 
> will see, but if we factor out the nonportable stuff, 

Genshi will use a lot of iterators and streams.  Probably not worth 
factoring out as these should be coming to jython (or is it in a branch?)


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