[FRPythoneers] my rsvp for tomorrow's meeting

Michael Kramlich groglogic at gmail.com
Tue Aug 19 16:02:48 MDT 2008

I'll be there, and it'll be my first. Looking forward to meeting  


On Aug 15, 2008, at 5:22 PM, Michael Kramlich wrote:

> Hey folks, I just joined the list and wanted to say hi and  
> introduce myself.
> My name is Mike Kramlich and I just moved back from Chicago after  
> living there for 3 years (mostly working at Orbitz as a Senior  
> Engineer in Operations Architecture), and wanted to get in touch  
> with Python people out here. I grew up in Colorado so it's nice to  
> be back.
> I'm generally into Apple, open source and Unix-y stuff. And all  
> things Python. And I dabble in game design and amateur fiction  
> writing. I have a background doing C, C++ and Java (mostly) and  
> feel that Python strikes the best balance so far between all the  
> tradeoffs made in language design. I'm a bit of a language geek,  
> but not too hard-core, so I'm kind of admiring things like D,  
> Erlang, Lisp, Stackless and Jython, for various reasons. But right  
> now Python is my default "hammer" for getting things done.

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