[FRPythoneers] "Stealth Agile" presentation next Monday 04/28

Alex Viggio aviggio at bivio.biz
Wed Apr 23 09:50:02 MDT 2008

Agile Denver will meet on Monday, April 28th with guest speaker Richard
Lawrence who will present "Stealth Agile".

What do you when you don't have the power to change your non-agile
organization to adopt agile?

How do you carve out space to try agile safely?

What agile practices can you introduce in what scenarios?

How do you interface with the rest of the organization in a familiar way?

What are the risks of adopting agile in this way and how to you mitigate

Agile at Avanade started out as a few practices scattered on traditional
projects, grew into one experimental agile project that reported to the
rest of organization in the traditional way, and eventually got to where
we are today with a number of agile projects and growing management
acceptance. This session will draw lessons from our experience for you
can introduce agile under-the-radar in your organization.

As always, our monthly meetings are free to attend and open to local
software professionals, students and faculty. Feel free to pass this
announcement along to your colleagues.


5:00 - 6:00 PM  Refreshments, networking and announcements
6:00 - 7:30 PM  Richard Lawrence Presentation


Richard Lawrence is Solutions Manager for Agile Delivery at Avanade,
Microsoft and Accenture's joint venture. He has been practicing agile
software development with XP, Scrum, and Lean since 2001 and is
passionate about helping software teams work more productively and more
sanely at the same time. Richard is a Certified Scrum Coach and was a
speaker at the Agile 2006 and Agile 2007 conferences.


The April 2008 meeting sponsor is Mountain Goat Software. See
http://mountaingoatsoftware.com for more information about this
Colorado-based process and project management consultancy and training
firm. Offering Certified ScrumMaster, agile estimating and planning,
user story, Certified Scrum Product Owner, and other courses to help
companies adopt and improve their use of agile processes and techniques
in order to build extremely high performance development organizations.

Mountain Goat has a Scrum Certified Product Owner class coming up in 
Boulder on May 12-13 taught by Ken Schwaber and Mike Cohn. See 
http://mountaingoatsoftware.com/training/73-certified-product-owner for 
more information.

Our on campus sponsor is The Games Club, a tri-institutional (MSCD, UCD,

and CCD) club that seeks to unite the campus and provide a closer-knit
college community to Auraria Campus. The Funds raised by the games club
through sponsorship of events like Agile Denver is used to help fund
scholarships to club members and to encourage participation in the
Homeward Bound project.


The meeting will be held in the Tivoli Student Union (TV) building, in
Room 320AB on the third floor.

The Tivoli is located on the Auraria Campus, within walking distance of
Downtown Denver via Larimer Street crossing Speer. You can reach the
campus from the I-25 south Colfax or Speer exits.

Please review or print out the parking map for reference:


Parking on site costs $5 to attendees of our event and there should be
parking available in the lots off of Auraria Parkway and Ninth Street.
Be sure to mention that you are attending an on campus event otherwise
they might assume you are there for a sports event.

A G I L E  D E N V E R

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