[FRPythoneers] Django Sprint on Sept 14th

Jim Baker jbaker at zyasoft.com
Fri Sep 7 13:30:31 MDT 2007

This sprint came at the right time so we could have a sprint in September

A number of us are are planning to participate: so far I know of Matt
Boersma, Brian Rosner, Ian Kelly, and Jim Baker (that would be me). Anyone

I plan to sprint both days on getting Django to run on Jython, to build on
some of the work that Frank Wierzbicki was able to do at the last sprint,
and then also extended by Leo Soto (see jython-dev). Because it touches on
internals related to introspection, this is also related to some of the work
Tobias Ivarsson, my GSoC student, was able to do this summer.

Here are the current details for the FR Pythoneers:

   - Friday, probably Matt's house since it's centrally located
   - Saturday, bivio office - confirmed

I'll send more details as the plan develops.

- Jim

On 9/7/07, Brian Rosner <brosner at gmail.com> wrote:
> Django is holding a worldwide sprint and by the looks of the attendee
> list in the online section myself and Matt are participating.  I am
> sending this message out to see if others would be interested in
> helping.
> You can find more information in the django-dev discussion:
> http://groups.google.com/group/django-developers/browse_frm/thread/9ed7681e2f567472
> and on the wiki page for the event:
> http://code.djangoproject.com/wiki/Sprint14Sep
> I will be sprinting on Friday the 14th, but will only be able to do so
> for half the day.  However from the sound of everything it looks like
> there might be some spill over into the weekend.  I am wondering for
> those who would are interested about scheduling an In-Person meetup on
> Saturday.  We can really do this anywhere that is possible (bivio (if
> the space is available and nice enough to offer it up on somewhat
> short notice), a Starbucks, a book store, just anywhere we can meet
> and have wifi, insert suggestion here (i dont live in Boulder so dont
> know the places well enough)).  Just throwing that idea out there.
> --
> Brian Rosner
> http://www.brosner.com
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Jim Baker
jbaker at zyasoft.com
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