[FRPythoneers] RMNP Butterfly Database Project

Dan Fitzpatrick dan at eparklabs.com
Sun Oct 28 20:06:53 MDT 2007

Hello Pythoneers,

I have a volunteer project that needs some help. There was a 10-year 
study done on butterflies in Rocky Mountain National Park. The data was 
collected in FileMaker Pro. Five years ago, a python app was built to 
convert this data into a pretty PDF report. The app no longer works or 
we have an old version or something. The project needs a python 
developer to fix the bug(s). Please email me directly if you are interested.

Here is some more info about it:

The data is exported from FileMaker Pro to an HTML file. This is 
basically a 12-column table of data. That was the best solution at the 
time to get the data out of FileMaker.

The python app takes this data and makes a PDF report using a python 
port of FPDF (from PHP - There is a new python version of this written 
by a different person so it is not the same as the one you may know.)

So the command line app runs like this: python bfly.py export.html 

The python app is 337 lines and the FPDF lib is 1,740 lines. So a total 
of about 2,100 lines of code to deal with. All code is open source and 
the data is in the public domain.

You can download everything here: http://eparklabs.com/bfly.zip (1 MB) 
This file contains all the source, the html data file, and a sample PDF 
report from 2004 (when the app worked).

Please email me if you are interested in fixing this and/or working on 
it in the future to add features.



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