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Wed Oct 10 11:28:51 MDT 2007

Agile Denver will be meeting next Tuesday, October 16 at the PPA Event 
Center located near Downtown Denver and I-25. Please see below for 
further details. We will host guest speaker Alan Shalloway, founder and 
CEO of Net Objectives.

Agile Methods are now the next big thing. As well they should be. Agile 
methods enable a team to be more productive, write higher quality code 
and give better visibility to management about how things are going. 
With all of this going for it, you may not need a business case for 
agility. Fortunately, there is a strong one. It comes from the 
principles of Lean Software Development.

Lean Software Development is essentially applying the principles of Lean 
Manufacturing and Lean Product Development in the Software Development 
World. Mary and Tom Poppendieck put forth 7 principles of lean software 
development in their seminal text: Lean Software Development: An Agile 
Toolkit for Software Development Managers. These 7 principles are:

1. optimize the whole
2. eliminate waste
3. build quality in
4. deliver fast
5. defer commitment
6. create knowledge
7. respect people

One of the underlying principles of Lean is to add value to the customer 
quickly. Agile methods have the capacity to do that. This seminar starts 
off with explaining how delivering 80% of the value of a system can 
often be done in 20% of the time – and why you should do that if you can.

The seminar starts by presenting five reasons for Agile development:

1. Adding value quickly to the customer
2. Getting clarity on customer needs
3. Increasing visibility of project progress to management
4. Assisting the team in transitioning to Agile methods
5. Writing the code with better quality

The seminar continues by showing how the principles of Lean Software 
Development create an effective environment for developing software in 
stages. It also discusses how software development is mostly like 
product development and how the lean principles support this. The 
seminar concludes by showing how Lean principles can guide product 
portfolio management to increase productivity while ensuring the 
enterprise is working on the most useful products.

The target audience for this talk includes management, business 
analysts, team leads, and architects, as well as developers and QA 

As always, our monthly meetings are free to attend and open to local 
software professionals, students and faculty. Feel free to pass this 
announcement along to your colleagues.


5:30 - 6:30 PM  Refreshments, networking and announcements
6:30 - 8:00 PM  Panel discussion


Alan Shalloway is the founder and CEO of Net Objectives. With almost 40 
years of experience, Alan is an industry thought leader, trainer and 
coach in the areas of Lean Software Development, The Lean-Agile 
Connection and using Design Patterns in agile environments. Alan has 
developed training and coaching methods for Lean-Agile that have helped 
his clients achieve long-term, sustainable productivity gains using the 
methods. He is a popular speaker at prestigious conferences worldwide as 
well as a trainer/coach. He is the primary author of Design Patterns 
Explained: A New Perspective on Object-Oriented Design and is currently 
writing Lean Anti-Patterns and What to do About Them. He is a CSM 
Trainer and has a Masters in Computer Science from M.I.T.


The October 2007 meeting sponsor is Net Objectives. Net Objectives' 
vision is to help you achieve effective software development without 
suffering. Net Objectives assists companies in maximizing the business 
value returned from their efforts in software development and 
maintenance. They do this by providing quality training, coaching, and 
consulting that both directly assists and empowers you to create and 
sustain this ability.


We will be meeting at the PPA Event Center near downtown Denver. The
Event Center address is 2105 Decatur Street, Denver, Colorado 80211.
Parking is free and their is a nearby bus stop that is a 10 minute bus
ride from downtown. For directions see the MapQuest link or the PPA site
below, or call (303) 433-8247 for additional details.

http://tinyurl.com/2ntynq (map)


A G I L E  D E N V E R

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