[FRPythoneers] Pythoneers Monthly Meeting - Wed, May 16, 6-8 PM in Boulder - Weather Research with Python

Jim Baker jbaker at zyasoft.com
Thu May 10 11:17:45 MDT 2007

This coming Wednesday, May 16, we have two researchers from NCAR presenting
how they use Python as part of their weather research:

   - Joe VanAndel will present "Linux and Python at 20,000 Meters Above
   the Sea", a NCAR/CNES dropsonde project that investigated the hurricane
   formation zone off the west coast of Africa. After introducing the
   driftsonde project, he will discuss how Linux was used in the on-board
   gondola computer and explain how using the Python programming language
   facilitated reprogramming the gondola in the middle of a flight.

   - Mary Haley will present "Python Frameworks for Geoscience
   Visualization and Analysis". PyNGL and PyNIO are Python interfaces to a
   widely popular software package called the NCAR Command Language (NCL) for
   the access, analysis, and high-quality quantitative visualization of
   geoscientific data. Mary will briefly discuss NCL's history, and then segue
   into why Python was chosen for developing the next generation framework
   tools for file input/output, analysis and visualization. She will show an
   animation from a new high resolution Community Climate System Model (CCSM)
   run computed on a T341 grid (1024 points in longitude by 512 points in
   latitude) that was created using NCAR's new Python interfaces to NCL and
   other post production utilities.

Some upcoming events you might be interested in:

   - Front Range Code
   Saturday, May 19. This would be an good setting to have a Python code jam.
   - Pythoneers Meeting, June 18. Steve Bethard from CU will present on
   Python and Natural Language Processing.
   - SciPy 2007 Conference <http://www.scipy.org/SciPy2007>, Aug 16-17.
   Held on the CalTech campus in Pasadena, CA, Aug 16-17. The deadline for
   abstracts is  June 29.

We will have food & drink available as usual.  We're meeting from 6-8
PM at bivio
Software <http://www.bivio.biz/>, which is at 28th and Iris in Boulder,
above Hair Elite in Suite S. Google Maps
And a calendar<http://www.google.com/calendar/embed?src=frpythoneers%2540gmail.com>

Hope to see you there Wednesday!
More details: http://wiki.python.org/moin/FrontRangePythoneers
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