[FRPythoneers] Do you know a python web framework?

Matt Boersma matt at sprout.org
Mon Jun 25 10:49:04 MDT 2007

For the July Front Range Pythoneers meeting, Jim Baker suggested we
might talk about web development frameworks for python.

Do you have experience with a python web framework?  Would you be
willing to give a brief overview of how to use it and perhaps how it
compares to others?  We probably have several folks who are
knowledgeable about Django, but these other frameworks are also going

- Divmod Nevow
- Zope / Plone
- TurboGears
- Pylons
- CherryPy
- Quixote
- The Devil Framework
- web.py
- Myghty
- Spyce
- ...many others

If you'd be willing to talk about one of these for any amount of time,
please respond on the list, or send an email to Jim or to me.

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