[FRPythoneers] Jean Tabaka and Ryan Martens: "Agile Enterprise Rollout" on Monday 6/25

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Fri Jun 15 13:35:52 MDT 2007

On Monday, June 25th, Agile Denver will host guest speakers Jean Tabaka 
and Ryan Martens. They will present a sneak preview of their "Agile 
Enterprise Rollout -- The Greening of the Software Industry" tutorial 
scheduled for the sold out Agile 2007 conference in August. The meeting 
will be held at the PPA Event Center near Downtown Denver. The doors 
will open at 6:00pm for networking and refreshments.

During the 20th century, many materials-based industries, such as 
manufacturing and high technology, relied on a Take-Make-Waste model of 
product development, delivery and selling. But a 21st century 
perspective on a growing scarcity of resources and the expense of waste 
has led such industries to revisit their Take-Make-Waste way of doing 
business. A "back to the resource-usage drawing board" has led to an 
emerging trend toward what are known as Green Businesses; that is 
businesses in which waste is viewed as a drain on the economy and 
innovation of the business.

In contrast, the software industry has considered itself immune to the 
criticisms of waste associated with the Take-Make-Waste model of product 
delivery. We are knowledge workers: we apply our knowledge as our 
resource and create digital output as our product. No "taking" on the 
front end, and no "waste" on the back end as a result of our "making".

However, a bit of closer scrutiny under this non-waste "sheep skin" 
reveals some uncomfortable truths. To stem this model of waste and 
poison for a more sustainable 21st century model, the software industry 
has an opportunity to lead in the greening of the High Technology 
industry. But to do so, it must recalibrate its definition of product 
development, delivery and marketing.

Existing patterns of practices established for classic Green Businesses 
are a useful starting point for such work. For the software industry, 
this translates to the following three software-based trends of a 
zero-waste model: deliver Software as a Service (SaaS); apply Agile 
Software Development for sustainable flow of value; and rely on Social 
Networks for product uptake.

Adopting these new practices of doing software business may prove 
daunting. Enterprise Adoption of Agile software development provides 
both the culture of discipline and planned in innovation necessary to 
transition to this new paradigm for the industry. Their Agile Enterprise 
Roadmap creates such a path of Agile Software Development adoption. This 
in turn guides organizations to a successful adoption of the SaaS 
delivery and social network promotion and support.

In this preview of their Agile 2007 Tutorial, Jean and Ryan present 
their premise around the necessity of the greening of the software 
industry and the trends such a transition requires. They will outline a 
3-stage Enterprise Agile Rollout approach for adopting Agile practices 
that directly attack the Take-Make-Waste model.

As always the meeting is open to the local technology professionals and 
academia. Feel free to forward this announcement to colleagues, and 
visit our website at http://www.agiledenver.org for additional 
information on Agile events and resources.


6:00 - 6:30 PM  Refreshments, networking and announcements

6:30 - 8:00 PM  Feature presentation


Jean Tabaka - Agile Coach, Rally Software

Jean Tabaka is a Certified ScrumMaster Trainer and Professional
Facilitator with over 25 years of experience in the software development
industry. She has navigated numerous plan-driven methodologies in a
variety of contexts and roles, and her move to agile software
development approaches came in the late 90's as a result of studying
DSDM in the UK. Jean is the author of the book "Collaboration Explained:
Facilitation Skills for Software Project Leaders" published in the
Addison-Wesley Agile Software Development Series and holds a Masters
degree in Computer Science from Johns Hopkins University.

Ryan Martens - Founder & Chief Technology Officer, Rally Software

Ryan Martens is an expert in helping organizations transition from
traditional development processes to more Agile techniques. Before
founding Rally, Ryan directed the corporate adoption of Internet
technologies within Qwest Communications, and then moved on to co-found
Avitek, which culminated in an acquisition by BEA Systems in 1999. Ryan
is also involved in a variety of community boards including Colorado
Conservation Trust, Entrepreneurs' Foundation of Colorado and the Agile
Alliance. Ryan received his Masters degree in Business Administration
and his Bachelors of Science in Civil Engineering from the University of
Colorado at Boulder.


The June 2007 meeting is sponsored by Rally Software.


 From an initial pilot project to enterprise rollout, Rally helps
companies succeed with Agile software development. Rally's family of
Agile life cycle management products give teams the visibility and
collaboration needed to deliver high-value software in rapid iterations,
and its world-renowned coaching services help mentor teams to create
internal Agile experts. Based in Boulder, Colo., Rally maps an
incremental road to Agile adoption for thousands of subscribers from
leading software vendors, Internet companies and corporate development

For more information, visit www.rallydev.com.



We will be meeting at the PPA Event Center near downtown Denver. The
Event Center address is 2105 Decatur Street, Denver, Colorado 80211.
Parking is free and their is a nearby bus stop that is a 10 minute bus
ride from downtown. For directions see the MapQuest link or the PPA site
below, or call (303) 433-8247 for additional details.

http://tinyurl.com/2ntynq (map)


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