[FRPythoneers] FYI: Django-Oracle complete

Matt Boersma matt at sprout.org
Thu Apr 19 16:46:15 MDT 2007

Several of you on this list put in some serious hours working on this,
so you should be glad to know that your work will see the light of
day.  Here is the email I just sent to the django-dev list--we'll see
how long it takes for the 1800-line patch to actually be accepted into

Thanks again to Jim Baker, Eric Dobbs, Matt Drew, Michelle Cyr, Mitch
Smith, and especially to Ian Kelly for their hard work on this.  (And
here's a quick plug for our next code sprint a week from Saturday:
http://wiki.python.org/moin/BoulderSprint )


The "boulder-oracle-sprint" branch is ready to come home.

We made a wiki page describing the goals and status of the code (quick
summary: Oracle works and we think it's done, unless you tell us
otherwise).  Attached to that page is a patch against rev 5036 of the
trunk.  See here:

The diff itself is here:

This is a "non-trivial patch," we believe, so rather than attaching it
to the closed Trac bug #1990, we're advertising it here as recommended
on the "Contributing to Django" page.  There are some minor
architectural changes in there, although we've made every effort to
minimize the overall deltas.

Please review the patch if you're able to and let us know what you

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