[FRPythoneers] Recap of Jam session candidates

Kip Lehman kipster-t at earthlink.net
Wed Sep 20 08:30:51 MDT 2006

At our August meeting some discussion time was devoted to subjects for a 
potential jam session.

Here's the list of candidate topics:

    o - Parsing Apache logs along with cookie and session info

    o - cross platform means of accessing the system clipboard

    o - GUI to configure/learn config of logging properties files

    o - Survey of popular web frameworks

    o - Anything but iterators
        (these seem to get covered at every open-topic meeting :-)

If you see something on the list that interests you or there is a topic not
on the list you think you believe would be a good topic for a jam 
session, come join
us for the monthly Front Range Pythoneers meeting tonight and let's discuss.

Kip Lehman
kipster<dash>t at earthlink<dot>net

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