[FRPythoneers] Boulder Sprint - Complete Oracle Support for Django - Saturday, Nov 4

Jim Baker jbaker at zyasoft.com
Mon Oct 30 20:58:07 MST 2006

Eric Dobbs wrote:
> PyCon 2007 is in February and the presentation submission deadline is 
> tomorrow 10/31.  Does anyone think it would make an interesting talk 
> to present a story about our Saturday sprint?  I know we don't know 
> enough about what will happen to say something authoritative tomorrow, 
> but would you be interested in going to a talk about sprint adding 
> code to django?  Do you think other people would be?
> What would you want to know?  About sprints in general?  Something 
> about django?  Something about Oracle?  Something about the process?

User group and corporate-sponsored sprints are definitely an emerging 
trend this year for Python. So I think people would interested in the 
outcome of this process. Regardless, you can write something on this, 
especially because much of this is in the organizing.

As for the project itself, supporting Oracle in Django is definitely an 
interesting contrast between what is typical practice in Oracle and what 
is a direct translation of say what Django currently uses to support 
databases like MySQL and PostgreSQL. I for one am not so comfortable 
with the before trigger to simulate an autoincrement column, as opposed 
to just using operations directly on sequences. I'm sure this will 
prompt stimulating discussion at the sprint! You can certainly add this 
in a lessons learned section.

- Jim

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