[FRPythoneers] Boulder Sprint - Complete Oracle Support for Django - Saturday, Nov 4

Eric Dobbs eric at dobbse.net
Mon Oct 30 16:49:10 MST 2006

PyCon 2007 is in February and the presentation submission deadline is  
tomorrow 10/31.  Does anyone think it would make an interesting talk  
to present a story about our Saturday sprint?  I know we don't know  
enough about what will happen to say something authoritative  
tomorrow, but would you be interested in going to a talk about sprint  
adding code to django?  Do you think other people would be?

What would you want to know?  About sprints in general?  Something  
about django?  Something about Oracle?  Something about the process?


ps.  I should also add that there's a bunch of different food options  
in walking distance of our office, so we won't have to go hungry  
during the sprint on Saturday.

On Oct 30, 2006, at 2:30 PM, Jim Baker wrote:

> This Saturday, the Front Range Pythoneers is holding a sprint to  
> complete the support for Oracle in Django.

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