[FRPythoneers] PyCon 2007 -- who submitted a talk proposal?

Eric Dobbs eric at dobbse.net
Thu Nov 2 11:59:10 MST 2006

Matt Boersma wrote:
> Who else on this list submitted a talk or tutorial proposal?

I submitted two intermediate level talks.  The first on the work I've  
been doing for Tech-X, the second a review of this Saturday's  
sprint.  The first one was easier to write..., the second one was a  
bit vague 'cos the sprint hasn't happened yet.

PyQScimpl: case study in python support for scientific computing

Summary: A variety of python's language features and libraries are  
especially useful for scientific computing.

Description: We'll begin with a demonstration using PyQScimpl to  
quickly explore some plasma physics simulation data in 2d and 3d  
graphs. We'll then briefly discuss various python tools supporting  
this work: IPython, NumPy, Pytables, PyQt, PyOpenGL, SIP, generators  
and list comprehensions, distutils.

This is a revision of the presentation I gave at SciPy2006:

Instead of trying to sell yet-another-graphing-package, this time  
around it's about all the different tools that make it inviting to  
use python for scientific computing.

Reflections on the django-oracle sprint

Summary: Code sprints offer a unique programming experience for  
developers . We'll discuss social and logistical challenges as well  
as some of the technical obstacles overcome.

Description: On November 4, 2006 the Front Range Pythoneers met for a  
code sprint to improve support for Oracle in django. Oracle presented  
unique challenges for django's object-relational mapping. An eclectic  
group of developers gathered in Boulder, CO. Several had programmed  
together before, but most hadn't. The topic of the sprint proved  
interesting enough to lure Jacob Kaplan-Moss, one of the original  
Django developers, out for the event.
We'll discuss some of the social challenges of working intensely with  
people you don't know as well as covering some of the nastier  
technical problems that had to be overcome.

On Nov 2, 2006, at 11:09 AM, Jim Baker wrote:
> As for mundane topics: I think most of us in our profession accept  
> that mundane is what we make of it, not the problem in its own  
> right. So you can dazzle us with XRC :), hope this doesn't ratchet  
> up the pressure too much.

It's more about the performance than the content.

Conference Presentation Judo: http://perl.plover.com/yak/presentation/
In particular:

(I liked the rest of the content in that set of slides and the  
accompanying commentary.

"hope this doesn't ratchet up the pressure too much."

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