[FRPythoneers] Meeting Consensus

Jim Baker jbaker at zyasoft.com
Sat Mar 18 09:56:56 MST 2006

I have observed the following rough consensus emerge:

    * /Status/: *Always on.*
    * /Date/: Every 2nd Tuesday, so next meeting on April 11
    * /Time/: 6-8 PM
    * /Location/: Boulder. Points north of Boulder are too far for some,
      points south of Boulder are too far for others.
    * /Venue Requirements/: must have wifi
    * /Format/: 20-30 (more?) minutes of presentations if possible,
      which then lead into informal discussion. Sprints are a good
      alternative. This will help make our meetings more worthwhile, not
      just an excuse to have beer.

If I'm correct in this consensus, I'm going to look into selecting an 
appropriate venue. Because of the requirement that we never cancel, we 
need an open location like a pub or cafe.

John M. would appreciate if we could make the meeting available for 
download. I have no experience in such productions, so we will need to 
hash this out further. We could also consider providing voice and screen 

There were a lot of good ideas for the format, and specifically topics. 
I'm certainly going to look for volunteers!

In terms of the format, I have some additional ideas. People expressed 
interest in both sprints and presentations. Two hours plus is still 
short for traditional sprints, so what if we focused on the 
contributions we could make to the cookbook - if we only finished and 
packaged them? These would be "lightning sprints", I imagine. And they 
would help fulfill another goal, to increase hands-on mentoring in our 
user group.

Likewise, lightning talks always seem to have great content. Maybe we 
can modify this format somewhat. I'm thinking, what if we chose a topic 
like "web frameworks", then had 4 people give quick presentations on 
this topic?

- Jim
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