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Jim Baker jbaker at zyasoft.com
Fri Mar 17 00:53:23 MST 2006

Demian wrote:
> It'd be great if the group started meeting again!
> I would prefer if there was some scheduled presentation at the meeting if possible.  At least 20-40 minutes on a topic and then open up a roundtable discussion or some other activity to fill up additional time?
> As for topics...
> - with all the Ruby on Rails excitement has anyone looked at the Python alternatives?  Anyone hacked with django enough to talk about it?
> - Uche could volunteer to talk about REST & Python ;)
> http://www.xml.com/pub/a/2006/01/25/scripting-flickr-with-python-and-rest.html
> - Anyone doing a big implementation in Python where they could just talk about lessons learned.
> - Anyone have any open source Python projects to talk about?
> Demian L. Neidetcherdemian0311 at gmail.com
Demian, these are great ideas. In my experience, your suggested format 
works well. It helps introduce people to a topic, and provides a common 
basis for a meaningful sharing of ideas. So let's get our local 
luminaries, knowledgeable people, and others to volunteer!

However, based on feedback from other people, I think the most important 
thing for us is to set a recurring date, time, and place. (See my 
previous email to Evelyn, where I follow her suggestion of a 2nd Tuesday 
instead - hopefully this works better for other people too.)

This way, even if we don't have a volunteer to speak for a given night, 
we can still meet and keep our momentum as a group.

Any other thoughts on location and timing preferences?

- Jim
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