[FRPythoneers] Pythoneers Monthly Meeting - This Wednesday, December 20

Eric Dobbs eric at dobbse.net
Wed Dec 20 15:08:33 MST 2006

Hi All.

There's a couple of us here in the bivio offices.  In the spirit of  
"always on" we can still meet today for any of you who are already in  
north Boulder, but please don't go out of your way unless you really,  
really enjoy driving in these kinds of conditions.  :-)  By the look  
of it, the snow won't be stopping any time soon, but there may be  
some advantage to letting the rest of the traffic unsnarl itself a bit.

Please let us know if you're coming.  That way we can call out the  
dogs if you don't show up :-) or go home if no one's able to make it.

Take care.

On Dec 15, 2006, at 2:43 PM, Jim Baker wrote:

> Important Change: we will be meeting at bivio Software instead of  
> Jill's to better accommodate this month's demos.
> This coming Wednesday (December 20) we are having our monthly  
> meeting for the Front Range Pythoneers. Come join a lively  
> discussion of Python demos, features, tips & techniques, and  
> directions, both for fun and professional development.
> Here are the meeting specifics:
> Status: Always on
> Date/time: Every 3rd Wednesday, 6-8 PM
> Location: bivio Software, Inc., 28th and Iris. Above Hair Elite in  
> Suite S. Google Maps link
> Tom Churchill and Vinny will demo Churchill Navigation's earth- 
> rendering engine (which looks like Google Earth, only apparently  
> even better and faster ;) ). Vinny (their main Python guy) will  
> explain how they built the glue logic (and why they decided against  
> SWIG) and perhaps some of the implications of using Python as a  
> scripting language in a real-time (60 fps) environment, and the  
> techniques we employed to keep the graphics pipeline from stalling  
> when making an expensive call into their engine from Python.
> Brian Granger from Tech-X will help us think more deeply about  
> concurrent Python programming, especially as seen in a new version  
> of IPython he has been working on.
> BoulderSprint. Eric Dobbs proposed we adopt Jython, and this looks  
> like we have enough momentum to actually get some useful work done.  
> We will talk about the upcoming sprint to be held on Saturday,  
> January 6.
> We will have food & drink available. Did I mention the free beer?  
> Hope to see you there.
> - Jim
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