[FRPythoneers] PyCon 2007 - Accepted Talks by Local Pythoneers

Jim Baker jbaker at zyasoft.com
Fri Dec 1 19:42:27 MST 2006


Thanks for the correction. And here's the other one:

Our local Pythoneers are presenting (at least) _6 out of the 69 accepted 
talks_; 104 were proposed. (I assumed Jack is local since he's been on 
the list, yes I did try to ascertain where his company is located, but 
after now exactly 6 years here, I have yet to work for a local company 

- Jim

Fernando Perez wrote:
> On 12/1/06, Jim Baker <jbaker at zyasoft.com> wrote:
>>  5 out of 103 accepted talks for PyCon 2007 are from local Pythoneers.
>> Congratulations on what everyone agrees was a very competitive year for
>> proposals!
>>  - Jim
>> Interactive Parallel and Distributed Computing with IPython
>> Dr. Brian E Granger (Tech-X Corporation); Fernando Perez (University of
>> Colorado at Boulder)
>>  30min Intermediate
>>  categories: science, concurrency
> Six, in fact (also Brian and myself):
> IPython: getting the most out of working interactively in Python
> IPython (http://ipython.scipy.org) is an enhanced interactive
> shell for Python. It provides a large number of features not
> found in the default shell that make interactive work in Python
> more seamless and convenient.
> These features include: full access to the OS, sophisticated
> tab-completion and object introspection, and easy access to
> debugging and profiling tools. All of these features are
> customizable by the user. It also offers support for
> interactively working with all major GUI toolkits from the
> command line.
> This talk will outline the basic ideas and major features
> behind IPython and demo some of them directly.
> #####
> Unfortunately I won't be able to travel to PyCon personally, but Brian
> will present both talks.
> Cheers,
> f
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