[FRPythoneers] Re: FRPythoneers Digest, Vol 19, Issue 2

Jim Baker jbaker at zyasoft.com
Thu Apr 20 20:50:03 MDT 2006


I do not currently maintain the info on the FR Pythoneers site. I will 
look into how we can get this updated.

However, rest assured: unless we post otherwise on the list, we are 
going to keep this "always on" meeting going on 3rd Wednesdays, 6-8 PM, 
at the Republic of Boulder. Our next meeting is May 17!

Volunteers for talks are appreciated, but having a default of 
"OpenSpace" works better than might be expected. Last night, we had some 
lively discussion of what we should do May 17 and subsequent meetings. 
Among other Pythonic things!

- Jim

Demian wrote:
> First off, thanks for setting this up and getting everything going again.
> I'm sure I missed earlier threads but I make it a habit to check websites of user groups (about 8 of them) so I can see what meetings I want to go to for the month.  I looked at http://www.fr.co.us.pythoneers.org/ and thought there wasn't going to be a meeting.
> Is the website obsolete?  Should I just make it a habit to always check the mailing list?
> Demian L. Neidetcherdemian0311 at gmail.com

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