[FRPythoneers] April 19 Meeting - Kickoff!

Matt Boersma matt at sprout.org
Wed Apr 19 08:52:34 MDT 2006

Hi Jim and crew,

Ha!  I was at Republic of Boulder last night for a political gathering.  I
can verify that the wireless works, the food has improved, and the beer is
very good.

Thanks for being the ringleader here.  Mitch Smith and another of my
coworkers are out of town, but I'll try to bring along the others.  See
you all at 6!


On Tue, April 18, 2006 4:58 pm, Jim Baker said:
>   Tomorrow, April 19, is our first meeting in a long time:
>     * /Status/: *Always on.*
>     * /Date/: Every 3rd Wednesday.
>     * /Time/: 6-8 PM
>     * /Location/: Republic of Boulder. This brew pub is at Canyon and
>       11th St, just west of Broadway. They have wifi, happy hour
>       pricing, a new "fusion" menu, and free parking
>       (http://www.republicofboulder.com).
>     * /Format/: OpenSpace :)
> I tried to make more formal arrangements for speakers. But no one wanted
> to be first, understandably, so we will leave it open for tomorrow's
> meeting.
> If possible, let's try to use the opportunity tomorrow to discuss
> possible topics for informal presentations. I'll just throw out a few of
> the things I know people are doing in our community:
>     * Web. Can't ignore that! But what can Python uniquely provide here?
>       Apparently a lot, given the riches and diversity we have: Twisted,
>       Webware servlets, Django, etc., all seem to have their good
>       points. But then how to pick?
>     * Scientific Computing. CASA and NCAR have high profile Python
>       projects. NOAA has made contributions to matplotlib. The SciPy
>       conference (http://scipy.org/SciPy2006) is soliciting abstracts,
>       due July 7. Our group would be a good place to try out a talk, or
>       work out an idea!
>     * Network, Systems, Database Management. These are classic apps for
>       Python.
>     * Education. There are classes in linguistics, AI, and
>       bioinformatics/molecular biology at CU. And Mark Lutz in Longmont
>       has taught over 160 Python training sessions!
>     * Python in the Business. Array Biopharma, Level 3, Seagate,
>       BizLogix (my company) are just many of the business users in the
> area.
>     * Text Processing. I'm thinking of Uche's work on 4Suite (thanks!),
>       and of course XML and HTML are hugely significant for many/most of
> us.
>     * Cookbook. I'm about to contribute to the cookbook on the use of
>       iterator algebra for relational joins. There must be lots of other
>       small projects, some actually useful, some just educational
>       (mine!), that we could talk about - and maybe provide for some
>       quality input there.
>     * Other Languages. Perl, Ruby, Haskell, and the like have had
>       influences and anti-influences on Python.
> Hope to see you there!
> - Jim

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