[FRPythoneers] Looking for employment opportunity in Colorado using Python/Jython

Kip Lehman kipster-t at earthlink.net
Tue Mar 22 11:38:48 MST 2005

Fellow Front Range Pythoneers:

   I'm a software developer with over 17 years of experience,
   the last 9 years using Python/Jython extensively.  I'm looking
   for an employment opportunity in which at least some of the work
   would involve Python/Jython expertise.  I'd also like to remain
   in Colorado if at all possible.  While most of my professional
   experience is in the telecommunications area, I am very open
   to opportunities outside of that particular domain.  Solving
   business problems using computers and software technology is
   what I do, no matter what the problem domain is.
   If anyone has information regarding individuals or companies in
   Colorado who have used or are considering using Python in their
   approach to providing information technology solutions, I would very
   much appreciate if you would pass that information along to me.
   Names and contact information for folks who work at those organizations
   and/or hiring managers would be the best possible information.

   My resume is available for viewing at
   (in MS Word format) or
   (in HTML format).

   My contact information can be found in my resume.

   Thanks in advance,

   Kip Lehman

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