[FRPythoneers] Python developer job in Colorado Springs

David Heiser david.heiser at intelliden.com
Wed Oct 20 09:50:08 MDT 2004

Intelliden, in Colorado Springs, is hiring a python developer to work with me on tool support and development. Do you know of anyone in the Colorado Springs area who knows Python pretty well and who is looking for a job?

Most of the code is fairly simple and straightforward, but the logic becomes very complicated.

GUI development in Python is a plus.

Java background is a plus.

It would be a big plus if they know some networking, too.

If you know someone, have them contact Intelliden directly (https://www.intelliden.com/careers.asp) and also contact me so I can refer them to my boss.

If there are any questions, please call or email me.

Dave Heiser
david.heiser at intelliden.com

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