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Keith Hellman khellman at mcprogramming.com
Thu Jul 29 12:55:49 MDT 2004

Hello all.

I've written some python quick code to open numerous different
traditional unix mbox files and search all the messages for ones of
interest.  Python made this, what thought would be the hard part, 
incredibly easy.

Now I'm stuck trying to write the found messages (of type email.Message)
back to a new traditional unix mbox file.  I'd like to do this so I can
simply use mutt prune the found messages down to just the ones I want.

Everything I've seen so far is for *reading* mbox files, does anyone
know how to write an email.Message to one?  I'm also humoured that it
seems impossible to perform simple google searches for an answer since
anything with 'mail' and 'python' in it finds the 13 bazillion helpful
message boards explaining where the term spam comes from :^)


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