[FRPythoneers] python job at Sun

Sam Falkner samf at frii.com
Tue Jan 20 16:49:55 MST 2004

If you would be interested in a job at Sun that involves Python, feel
free to send me a resume, or email me with more questions.

I am leaving my current position behind, and my replacement will have
to maintain and enhance all the Python code I wrote.  Besides Python,
the job involves Oracle, C, some knowledge of email (e.g. MIME, MTAs),
and general UNIX skills.

I'm sorry I missed the meeting last night -- it look like a very
interesting topic.  I also wanted to announce this at the meeting, but
this email will have to do.  Again, feel free to email me with any
questions, resumes, etc.  Thanks!

- Sam

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