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Mitch Kapor to Keynote PyCon DC 2004
Washington, DC, September 24, 2003

The Python Software Foundation announced today that Mitch Kapor will be
the opening keynote speaker for their second US Python community
conference next March.

Mr. Kapor is well known as a co-founder of Lotus Development Corporation
and as a co-founder and the first chairman of the San Francisco-based
Electronic Freedom Foundation, and has been an active entrepreneur in
information technology for many years.

More recently he founded the Open Software Applications Foundation
(OSAF - see http://www.osafoundation.org/). The OSAF is using Python to
build Chandler, an open source Personal Information Manager.

PyCon is a community-oriented conference for developers of Python
applications and for those with an interest in the development of the
Python programming language.  It offers the opportunity to learn about
significant advances in Python's uses and development community, to
participate in a programming sprint with some of the leading minds in
the Open Source community, and to meet fellow developers from around the
world.  The organizers work to make the conference affordable and
accessible to all.

Pycon DC 2004 will be held March 24-26, 2004 in Washington, D.C. There
will be a four-day development sprint before the conference.

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organizers mailing list at

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