[FRPythoneers] Sep 15, 2003 -- FRPythoneers Meeting

Jeffery D. Collins jcollins at boulder.net
Tue Sep 16 10:26:11 MDT 2003

Six pythoneers were present at the meeting last night to hear Karl 
Putland's excellent presentation on an introduction to Kiwi.  After 
punting the projector ;) due to technical difficulties, we gathered 
around Karl's laptop for the talk.  It began with a few introductory 
slides, followed by a demonstration of some simple GUIs and the 
associated code.

In summary, Kiwi -- a framework built on pyGTK/GTK -- is designed to 
make GUI building fast and easy, particularly when used in combination 
with glade, a GUI layout tool.  This is mainly due its (well-known) 
Model-View-Controller (MVC)design, which takes care of the interactions 
between the model (dictionary or class-like data) and the view.  Changes 
in the data in the view are automatically reflected in the model, so 
multiple views of the same model are updated simultaneously and without 
additional coding.  For more information, see 

Karl also provided some useful tips for developing GUIs, such as naming 
conventions and special default data for text fields.  The latter is 
used for debugging/tracking purposes.  While always present in the final 
product, is never seen by the user since it is immediately overwritten 
upon initialization.

After the formal presentation, we discussed various interesting projects 
that were being worked on.  Several books were also distributed, 
including Google Hacks, Google Hacks Pocket Guide, and 2 copies of Text 
Processing in Python.

Jeffery Collins (http://www.boulder.net/~jcollins)

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