[FRPythoneers] question about python 2.3 on gentoo

Collins Richey erichey2 at comcast.net
Thu Nov 20 10:54:43 MST 2003

At the last meeting, someone (Matt?) asked about 2.3 on gentoo.  

Gentoo currently offers python-2.3.2-r1.ebuild which is marked unstable (~x86). 
The ebuild is marked for slot 2.3, whereas the 2.2 ebuilds are marked slot 2.2. 
This means that you should be able to install the new python without affecting
the old and experiment at your leisure.

Do this:

ACCEPT_KEYWORDS="~x86" emerge [-p] =/dev-lang/python/python-2.3.2-r1.ebuild

Omit -p to do the emerge.

The new release does not have any prerequisites on my system (current  2
weeks ago).


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