[FRPythoneers] Front Range Pythoneers Meeting -- Nov 17, 2003

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Thu Nov 13 07:03:40 MST 2003

Please join the Front Range Pythoneers at our monthly meeting!  This month's
meeting features speaker Uche Ogbuji, local Python and XML guru, co-founder and
CEO of Fourthought, Inc. and co-developer of 4Suite, an open-source platform for
XML processing.  See you there!

Meeting Announcement

Monday Nov 17, 2003, 7:00PM at Level 3 Communications in Broomfield, CO.

Title:    Python paradigms for XML processing
Speaker:  Uche Ogbuji


Python  is  a  very popular language for processing XML because of its
flexibility,  and  the  work  of  many  open-source  developers in the
XML-SIG and elsewhere. From the best-known XML processing models, DOM
and SAX to specialized Pythonic "data bindings", there are numerous
approaches to handling XML.  This is important because even though XML
may not be so popular among Python users, it is the gateway towards many
real-world applications and data exchange.  Luckily the dynamicism of
Python is the basis of several next-generation data bindings that
combine the core strengths of Python and XML to make work as pleasant as
possible for the developer.

This presentation is an overview of the many XML processing tools and
techniques available for Python, focusing on tools that make the most of
the Python's strengths in XML processing.

Meeting Information - http://fr.co.us.pythoneers.org/meetings.html

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